Saturday May 14th & Sunday May 15th, 2016 @ 4pm

The Warren Main Stage, St Peter’s Church, York Place, Brighton BN1 4GU

Tickets: £11 (£9.50 concessions)

‘Hysterical’, a groundbreaking dark comedy at the Brighton Fringe, explores the boundaries of mental health and sanity in the 21st Century.

HYSTERICAL_PRODUCTIONSHOT medJune’s just landed her dream job at a high-octane advertising agency. But when her first task is to re-brand water, she gets the feeling she might be in over her head. Desperate to please, she puts aside her duties of caring for her brother to prepare a pitch that will blow her new boss away. As the pressures mount in her new workplace and the disconnection from her brother grows, June’s mental health is sent into a downward spiral, leaving her questioning her sanity. Continue reading Hysterical

The Whistler – April 2016


Digging for Shakespeare Brighton Festival 2016
Digging for Shakespeare
Brighton Festival 2016


West Hill Community Association was established in 1976 and celebrates its 40th birthday in 2016.  Its cachement area stretches from the south side of Seven Dials down to the clock tower in Queen’s Road and all roads on the right from the clock tower up Dyke Road. The Annual General Meeting of the Association, at which the accounts will be adopted and committee elected, will be held on Tuesday 26 April 2016 at West Hill Hall at 7.15pm. Continue reading The Whistler – April 2016

Letters to The Whistler

Following the article about the Hove Cutting Campaign in our Feb/Mar edition, Millie received many supportive emails from Whistler readers. Sadly, despite support from the local MP and Councillors, Network Rail went ahead with the cutting.

Dear Editor

We have lost vegetation the size of a woodland at Hove Cutting. The city does not have that many green spaces and this is a loss for all. A distressing article in The Argus a few days after the tree felling at Hove Cutting described a similar experience by residents at the hands of the Water Board – trees neglected until the roots begin to damage the banks, giving the companies an excuse to obliterate all vegetation. Continue reading Letters to The Whistler

Wild Times at the West Hill

From the James Gray Collection, the photographic archive of the Regency Society, Brighton and Hove.

The West Hill pub, dramatically perched at the bottom of Buckingham Place, used to be called the Belle Vue Inn. It was built as a public house in 1852 by local builder Edward Hilder Ade and was owned by Vallance Catt and Company brewers.

The name would still be fitting today. Look up and the city lights glisten all the way to the top of Elm Grove. Directly in front of you is the magnificent station roof. Continue reading Wild Times at the West Hill

Why have an analysis when you can read?

Peter Batten celebrates the art of reading . . .

We can never know beforehand what will change us or indeed what kinds of change we want. A book can speak to us and never answer back; it can conjure up the past and the voices of the dead. But we never  tell a book a story. Why have an analysis when you can read?

Adam Phillips 

I began to be able to read at about age three. My grandmother was living in our flat, with lots of time on her hands, and she decided to teach me. Sadly, she did not live long enough to watch me become obsessed with books and then with ‘literature’. I owe her a great debt. Continue reading Why have an analysis when you can read?