Letters to The Whistler

Following the article about the Hove Cutting Campaign in our Feb/Mar edition, Millie received many supportive emails from Whistler readers. Sadly, despite support from the local MP and Councillors, Network Rail went ahead with the cutting.

Dear Editor

We have lost vegetation the size of a woodland at Hove Cutting. The city does not have that many green spaces and this is a loss for all. A distressing article in The Argus a few days after the tree felling at Hove Cutting described a similar experience by residents at the hands of the Water Board – trees neglected until the roots begin to damage the banks, giving the companies an excuse to obliterate all vegetation. We will be campaigning that in future the Council may be involved in monitoring such sensitive sites around the city to make sure that vegetation is maintained at the level that prevents damage. The fate of Hove Cutting is not clear because Network Rail has threatened to poison the roots and then keep anything from growing by regular spraying with herbicide.

All in all, the loss is hugely felt by all who look at the cutting now. Here is evidence of decimation.

Millie Ferguson, Secretary, Dials North West Community

Hello Whistler

Great work publishing the article about Terminus Road taxi rank in the Feb/Mar issue of The Whistler. We need to get everyone local to know about the Council’s plans.

Recent gas works at the bottom of Terminus Road have meant that traffic was diverted along Buckingham Road causing traffic chaos in the West Hill conservation area. This is what will happen for 18 months if the council go ahead with making Terminus Road a taxi rank!

We need to put an end to this ridiculous idea once and for all. Photos attached.

Buckingham Road Jam Today, Jam Forever
Buckingham Road
Jam Today, Jam Forever
Chaos at Upper Gloucester Road / Buckingham Road
Chaos at Upper Gloucester Road / Buckingham Road











Clare Baldwin,  Buckingham Road


Dear Whistler Readers

Taxi no thanksSome of you may be wondering what progress has been made with regards to the Council proposal to site a Taxi Rank in Terminus Road following the meeting in December where the Council agreed to meet with Govia (the owners of the station land) to discuss ways forward.

I recently had an update from Councillor Gill Mitchell to say that they have had an initial meeting and she reported that, “It was a good meeting with a full discussion of all of the issues. A follow-up meeting has been arranged to feed back on progress, the date of which is to be agreed.”

In the meantime, I’m sure some of you will have noticed that, when the station forecourt is closed, the taxi rank is now organised along the upper section of Queens Road which did form part of one of the Council’s original proposals. However, when I questioned Gill about these temporary configurations she was not aware of any formal arrangement so this may be organised by the bus or train company.  Can anyone shed any light on this?

All in all, it looks as though progress is being made in the right direction and we will keep you informed of any further progress through The Whistler, If you have any information to add then please don’t hesitate to contact The Whistler at whwhwhister@aol.com

Stephen Anderson, Buckingham Road






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