Ode to Sleep

And what is sleep, if not a pause in daily life
to wake
and then to see the morning light
to rest the body, mind and soul
solitude divine
away from the harms of life we hide
wishing, just
earnestly hoping for a better life

And what is sleep that a lullaby
when all around fade to dim
we drift away, our minds at rest

engulf in happiness, still given to distress

And what is sleep to man

a burden eased, a care undone
his slumber chooses not the time of day

and then give way

Oh! and then to sleep perchance to dream
of fairies,
flight and fun
the will of man is not his own
if all he does is simply

His choice to sleep is not his own
The dreams he has will all
They flood his mind, they flood his soul
In anger, the need is
to control

But what is sleep, if not a pause in daily life
Then all we
have is endless strife


Thanks to Winston Jackman of Buckingham Place for sending his poem to us — Ed


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