Lamb Comedy

Lamb Comedy was founded in 2014 by Brighton’s Lulu Baker and Amy Mac with the aim of bringing up-and-coming local and national comedy to Brighton audiences in an intimate setting. In 2015 Lamb Comedy gambolled into the Brighton Fringe with a packed programme of comedy shows, ranging from the wryly observational and off-the-wall, to the daring and the futuristic. This bagged them a runner-up accolade in the Brighton Fringe Awards and in 2016 they’re back with an expanded programme over two venues in May.

With a mix of home-grown Brighton talent and an array of up-and-coming national comedy stars, Lamb Comedy in the 2016 Brighton Fringe boasts more than 50 comedians in 20 shows over 14 nights.

Whether your taste is for quick-fire gags, observations on the absurdity of modern life, or just plain silliness, Lamb Comedy brings it all.

And if you’re not sure what to see, Lamb is offering taster shows with short sets by performers: “Lamb Chops” and “Lambs to the sLaughter”, which always attract a packed crowd.

“We’re excited to be back bigger and better in 2016,” said Lamb Comedy’s Lulu Baker. “We’ve hand-picked shows that make us laugh, and we reckon if they do it for us, then a Brighton comedy audience is going to love them.”

Here’s just a flavour of Lamb in 2016:

SHERAZ YOUSAFSheraz Yousaf in ‘The Pursuit of Manlyness’ asks: What if you were taught how to be a man? But you weren’t yet a man. So you untaught yourself, and then you learned again from someone else, and they were also wrong. And then you went to something where there were other men. And they told you how to be a man. What kind of man would you be?

TOM WARDBBC New Comedy Award finalist Tom Ward spins tales of his favourite unsung heroes into a dreamlike narrative of voice and sounds. Featuring deeply personal and heartfelt impressions of kettles, Casio keyboards, Jools Holland’s drunken home life, friendly perverts, misunderstood racists, carpet salesmen and many more faces you’ll recognise from your daily life.

Like gags? Want a prAGM COMEDYoper laugh? Last year’s runners-up of the Fringe Guru 2015 Audience Choice award AGM are ‘Back In Business’. With one-liners, stories, puns and jokes aplenty, AGM are Steve Adams,  Colin Galletly,  and Johnny Murph.


BBC New Comedy Award finalist Athena Kugblenu has an opATHENA KUGBLENUinion on everything. Listen to her unique take on the landscape of Great Britain and the world today. Have we progressed? Are things really getting better? Whether you agree or disagree, her astute mind and savvy observations will have you laughing out loud at the absurdity of it all.

This year Lamb Comedy is at two Brighton venues: Nowhere Man Café at 53 Upper North Street, and the Craft Beer Co. just along the road at 22-23 Upper North Street.

The full programme is available at 

Tickets are on sale now at

You can follow Lamb Comedy on Twitter @Lambcomedy and Facebook at LambComedyProductions

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