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Litter Louts Look Out

People caught dropping litter, fly-tipping and allowing their dogs to foul in public places anywhere in Brighton & Hove now face £75 instant fines. Enforcement officers, employed by private company 3GS Environmental Solutions, began patrolling in the city in March. The new service supports the Council’s strategy of encouraging everyone to produce less waste and recycle more. It aims to tackle antisocial and illegal behaviour, improve the environment and reduce waste clean-up and disposal costs.

Each year the Council receives dozens of complaints from residents about fly-tipping, litter and other antisocial behaviour and the issues are often raised at residents’ groups and community meetings. The scheme was approved by Councillors last year and 3GS was awarded the contract following a competitive tendering process.

P1060413(1024x768)It covers fly-tipping, littering, fly-posting, graffiti, dog fouling and disposing of commercial waste illegally. The enforcement officers wear body cameras to gather evidence and identify offenders. The Council follows government guidelines to ensure that any fines are issued responsibly. Officers also work with businesses, schools and other community groups to educate and raise awareness of environmental crime. They are looking out for good examples of people picking up litter and improving their neighbourhoods and there is a gift voucher reward scheme as part of the initiative.

P1060412(1024x768) (2)Councillor Gill Mitchell, Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee said: “We are often asked to take a tougher stance  on antisocial behaviour such as dropping litter, fly-posting, dog fouling and graffiti. This enforcement scheme, along with the publicity and education programme, will tackle the problem head-on and send out a strong message that deliberate antisocial behaviour which blights our city will not be tolerated.”

Those issued with a fixed penalty notice who refuse to pay could end up in court and not only be ‘named and shamed’ but also landed with a much higher penalty and, possibly, court costs.

Regular updates on how the scheme is operating and the effect it is having on improving the city’s environment will be reported to the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee.

Under the terms of the agreement, no targets will be set for issuing fines and 3GS is prohibited from paying its officers any form of performance pay, commission or bonuses linked in any way to the number of tickets individual officers issue.

Local History

In April over 60 local residents packed into West Hill Hall for Dr Geoffrey Mead’s illustrated talk on the history of the West Hill. Explaining how the geology of the hill created over millions of years has influenced its present day character, Dr Mead used historical maps, photographs and documents to reveal fascinating details relating to familiar streets. Wine and snacks provided by the local Bright News store helped neighbours enjoy a very convivial evening together.

Heritage Open Days

From 8-11 September 2016, thousands of volunteers across the country invite you to experience local history, architecture and culture. West Hill favourite, Geoffrey Mead, will be doing a West Hill walk as part of it on Sunday 11 September from 4-6pm starting at St Nicholas Church. All donations to local environmental charities/groups. More info at heritageopendays.org.uk

Model Railway

Lewes is hosting a model railway exhibition on Sunday 3 July at Priory School, Mountfield Road, Lewes, BN7 2XN from 10.00am – 4.30pm.  Free parking onsite at the venue.

More than 12 model railway layouts will be on show in a variety of scales from tiny Z gauge to O Gauge. The exhibition is being well supported by clubs and modellers from around Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Essex and many of the layouts are new to the exhibition circuit. Of particular interest is Halden Lane, a light railway in the South of England and Kunze Brucke a German town in Bavaria. Not forgetting Downland, a layout on the Kent and Sussex Weald.

£5 adults, £2.00 children, families £12 Tel: 07595 255150 for more information.

Compton Avenue Party

Join us for the Great Street Share, our annual street party to celebrate the start of Global Sharing Week.

From a Share Table to lots of yummy homemade food, this is the time to get to know your neighbours!


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