The Whistler – August 2016

Dyke Road Mills, 1847 Preston, Port Hall, Lashmar’s and Hodson’s Mills  from an engraving in Brighton & Hove Archaeologist 1924
Dyke Road Mills, 1847
Preston, Port Hall, Lashmar’s and Hodson’s Mills
from an engraving in Brighton & Hove Archaeologist 1924


Did we mention that it’s our 40th birthday this year? We’re pouring over plans to celebrate in style. Last year’s Christmas party was a sell-out and this year entrance to the celebrations on 10 December will be the hottest ticket in town. It’s a strictly first-come, first-tickets affair so do look out for them when they go on sale at Bright News in November. Continue reading The Whistler – August 2016


In the June/July edition of The Whistler,  one of the reports in Jim Gowans’ regular West Hill Watch column highlighted a planning application for 1 Clifton Street. We reproduce that here, a letter from the owner and a reply from Jim.

1 Clifton Street

An application to return this rather dilapidated property to its original design is generally to be welcomed. The black painted window frames and garage door have been an unattractive feature, whilst the tiled roof projecting over the ground floor is an inappropriate alteration which will disappear once the bay windows have been restored. The proportions of the windows in the proposed plans were, however, considered incorrect by the Conservation Advisory Group and it must be hoped that once this detail has been addressed the restoration will be completed. Continue reading Letters

WHAT Meeting

There was a West Hill Action Team meeting at West Hill Hall in late May. Attendees were anxious to hear news of the Council’s meeting with Govia about the location of the station taxi rank. Local councillor, Lizzie Dean, was present at the meeting and she reported that Terminus Road is definitely off the agenda and that Stroudley Road, at rear of the station, is being considered again. With the attention of GTR (or ‘Southern Fail’ as it has been dubbed by its customers) being taken up with its failing and cancelled train services, we don’t expect to hear about the rank location any time soon. Continue reading WHAT Meeting

No Deal

Peter Batten is not amused . . .

Noel EdmondsEarlier this year the very popular television programme, “Deal or No Deal” vanished from our screens. This was a great relief for me. I was not a regular viewer, but I did see parts of the programme from time to time. Whenever I did I was made very angry by the behaviour of the presenter, Noel Edmonds. Over the years, he developed a very sly way of mocking the unfortunate contestants. To my amazement none of them seemed to realise, so they went on exchanging banter with “Good Old Noel”, while the slimy presenter was laughing up his sleeve at their “lucky” numbers and their game plans. It was a horrible performance.

Continue reading No Deal

Paradoxes & Riddles


As an undergraduate about to enter law school, Bailey Winepol put into action what he thought was the perfect scheme to avoid paying school fees. He managed to persuade Lock Haven Law School to sign up for a deal that would contractually oblige him to pay double the normal school fees, but only when he won his first court case. Until then, he would be required to pay nothing. However, what the administration at the law school did not know was that young Bailey only ever intended to take on cases that he could not possibly win. Continue reading Paradoxes & Riddles