Poetic Zodiacs

Continuing Kate Dyson’s poetic take on the signs of the Zodiac.



August 23 – Sept 22


My friend ‘s on the cusp, what’s all that about?

She’s oh, very Brighton, she’s not in, she’s not out.

She swings this way and that, but can never

quite choose

From which of the signs she will have more to


So she sits on the fence and often feels low,

Wondering is she a Libran or perhaps a Virgo.




September 23 – October 22


Libra really is the finest sign.

No surprise then that it’s mine.

The scales of justice we applaud,

Thus Librans truly are adored.

We’re kind, we’re fair, we’re all that’s nice.

Full of love and good advice.

I’m sure if you could have a choice,

You’d be a Libran and rejoice.


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