Seven Dials Repairs

Seven Dials roundabout in Brighton will be subject to three weeks of road works to correct defects which led to parts of it crumbling.sevendials

Delays should be expected when work starts during the week of 11 September and continue until 8 October. Lane closures, temporary traffic lights and diversions will be in place.

Repairs are needed because some of the low kerbstones encircling the roundabout have broken or come adrift.  As a result, changes will be made ensuring kerbstones are flush with the tarmac to avoid any impact from vehicles. The roundabout will also be resurfaced.  Some of the work will happen at night to minimise disruption.

Suppliers are expected to foot the bill, totalling around £50,000.

Chair of the Environment and Transport Committee Cllr Gill Mitchell said: “We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.  The stone used in the kerbstone on the corner of the roundabout  has worn quicker than anticipated. To prevent this in the future the kerb height will be lowered in line with the road surface.”

The roundabout was radically altered in 2013, to make the junction less dangerous while improving the environment and streetscape of the Seven Dials village.  The previous chaotic mini-roundabout was replaced with a longer, oval traffic island.  This sought to integrate traffic more gradually instead of vehicles converging on a central point.

The works are to be undertaken in 3 phases as below:-

The works will incorporate the use of ‘3 way’ temporary traffic signals together with the following road closures at the roundabout itself:


  • Full Closure of Prestonville Road & Chatham Place.
  • Partial closure of Vernon Terrace (ie no access to the Seven Dials Roundabout from Vernon Terrace).


  • Full Closure of Chatham Place, Vernon Terrace & Dyke Road (south).
  • Buckingham Place will be subject to ‘2 way traffic’ between Bath Street & the Seven Dials Roundabout


  • Either Thurs 6th or Friday 7th October ( Night Works ) – all approaches will be closed. Pedestrian movements will be allowed at all times.


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