Day: September 23, 2016

Thomas Hardy

I am afraid my column for this issue may turn out to be a lecture. It may even degenerate into a rant. The inspiration for it came to me about three weeks ago. I had recently introduced a selection of poems for the “Poetry for Pleasure” group, which […]

Letters to The Whistler

Dear Editor, I was wondering whether I could get some help please. I live in Bingley,West Yorkshire. Fifteen years ago I had a stroke and now, as a rehabilitation exercise, I am trying to trace my family history. In 1860 a distant ancestor died at “Beresford Lodge, West […]

Surrey Street Chaos

I sent the following letter to the Mayor, Chair of the Environment, and Councillors Lizzie Deane and Louisa Greenbaum in the hope of getting the traffic in Surrey Street sorted out once and for all. I should very much appreciate it if you could publish it in The […]