The Whistler – October 2016

Photo by Terry Applin
Surrey Street Chaos - click here for story
Surrey Street Chaos – click here for story

Autumn Fruitfulness

WHCA is hosting several events at West Hill Hall this Autumn.

First up on Tuesday 11 October is Jayne Shrimpton’s fascinating talk, “A Moment in Time: Census-era Dress, 1811 – 1911”. Jayne opens a window onto the era and helps us to visualise daily life in the past,  drawing on prints, paintings and photographs dating from around each decennial census, 1811 – 1911.  Continue reading The Whistler – October 2016

Thomas Hardy

thomas-hardy-2_2825734bI am afraid my column for this issue may turn out to be a lecture. It may even degenerate into a rant. The inspiration for it came to me about three weeks ago. I had recently introduced a selection of poems for the “Poetry for Pleasure” group, which meets at the Cornerstone Community Centre. In fact my wife, Nikki, read the introduction for me, because I was temporarily unable to speak. My choices were based on the teachings of a great literary critic, the late F. R. Leavis. He was among the first to direct our attention to the outstanding quality of the poetry written by Thomas Hardy (pictured) You may be surprised to hear that he wrote hundreds of poems. In fact during his adult life he was working on a poem almost every day. Continue reading Thomas Hardy

Letters to The Whistler

Dear Editor,

I was wondering whether I could get some help please. I live in Bingley,West Yorkshire. Fifteen years ago I had a stroke and now, as a rehabilitation exercise, I am trying to trace my family history.

In 1860 a distant ancestor died at “Beresford Lodge, West Hill, Brighton” and I am trying to find out whether this property still exists. Could you or your members locate it for me perhaps?

Thank you,
Godfrey Lomas Continue reading Letters to The Whistler

Surrey Street Chaos

I sent the following letter to the Mayor, Chair of the Environment, and Councillors Lizzie Deane and Louisa Greenbaum in the hope of getting the traffic in Surrey Street sorted out once and for all. I should very much appreciate it if you could publish it in The Whistler.

I bought a house on Surrey Street in January 2014 and moved in on the day the Brighton Station Gateway Scheme works began. During the following 12 months residents were informed in advance of works to be carried out by Tom Campbell, the project manager, who was on hand for any queries or worries we had. He was always very courteous and helpful, as were the team who carried out the work. It looked so pretty and idyllic when it was completed but it wasn’t a week before the two of the newly planted trees had been mowed over by traffic using the pavement. Continue reading Surrey Street Chaos