Preparing for the Summer

Traditionally trees are still relatively dormant and the nesting season is nearly upon us so here are some good garden tasks to complete before Spring really sets in.



It’s February and if you want to maximise the Summer sun in your garden, now is an optimum time to thin most tree canopies, or reduce their height and shape for increased light levels.


February is the last chance to make sure you get your apple trees in good shape by giving the canopy a good MOT, pruning out the dead branches and improving airflow through the canopy. Better not leave it too late or insects feeding on exposed sap from cut points can transfer disease to your prized fruiter.


Before your ivy’s exponential growth in Spring/Summer and nesting birds, get on top of your evergreen screen by trimming and reducing back to the size and height that maximises the space and light in our Brighton gardens, all ready for Spring.


wisteria-large-g3January or February is the best time to focus on the framework and overall shape of your Wisteria while it’s dormant. The main reason to create a well-spaced framework is to show the flowers off at their best and now the structure is bare it’s the best time to prune and shape.


If you didn’t get around to having your hedges trimmed before Winter, once the heavy frosts have gone, it’s worth getting your hedges shaped before the new Spring/Summer growth to get your garden looking attractive and ready for the Summer sun.

I hope these little reminders are useful and help make the Summer months more fun and pleasant for everyone in our outdoor spaces.

David Morgan-Jones

David at Tree and Garden Services has been a specialist tree surgeon and hedge cutter for over 10 years and for the last 5 years these services have naturally expanded to include timber fencing, new lawns and landscaping. If you would like to contact David and his team to discuss your tree and garden requirements they would welcome your call on 07960 386 586.


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