Month: July 2017

The Whistler – August 2017

SUMMER SALUTATIONS The doors are flung thankfully open, As teachers breathe an intense sigh of relief, Parents hit with cheers, squeals, laughter, A tsunami of marauding rucksacks, It is SUMMERTIME! Sweet, creamy honeysuckle wafts, Fluffed caramel bees, soft rosy glints Ball pits of brightly bobbing sunhats Fuchsia-pink strawberries, […]

Keeping in Touch

When The Whistler was first published, over 40 years ago, the internet did not exist, and communication between local residents was over the garden wall, at the pub or the church or the local shops. These days, in addition to all of the above, people keep in touch […]

The Shakespeare Question

Peter Batten writes about The Sonnets . . . Even today I often hear someone speaking on television or writing in a newspaper, blithely remarking, “Of course, we know so little about Shakespeare…” There are still a few fools about who think that his plays were written by […]