West Hill Musings

We’re always pleased to receive contributions for The Whistler. We’d like to be able to thank the person who sent in these three vignettes, but they were too shy to leave a name with their hand-written note. So, for the moment we will just call them A. Resident.


No, not new glasses for all! The Council has bought new, large, black rubbish bins in Compton Avenue and the Powis Square area. Have you seen them yet? This throws up a problem, which can they answer, even with advice on the outside, how are they going to monitor who puts what in the bins? I have witnessed (and reported) one of the collection crew throw bottles into an incorrect black bin. And how is the Council going to recycle the old, replaced bins? In the recycling bins? Now, there’s a thought!


It’s also very thoughtful of the Council Highways staff to cover up the speed camera along Marine Parade with a notice saying “Out of Order” for weeks and weeks. Motorists can relax on that stretch.


Did anyone else notice the construction worker arrive in an old ‘Thames Ambulance’, park for days and days in the old reserved bays in Buckingham Road/Upper Gloucester Road near the construction hoardings? Reported, but no response evident. So, anyone purchasing an old, disused ambulance (sign written) can park in reserved bays, in any town? Or is it just Brighton that is so lax?



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