Month: July 2017

Remembering Together

Brighton-based organisation Strike a Light – Arts & Heritage will deliver a series of four workshops to learn how to create a life history book to capture memories and stories about a person’s life, marking birthdays, life changes, Dementia or a beautiful, creative gift for loved ones.

West Hill Musings

We’re always pleased to receive contributions for The Whistler. We’d like to be able to thank the person who sent in these three vignettes, but they were too shy to leave a name with their hand-written note. So, for the moment we will just call them A. Resident. […]

Artist’s Open House Debut

Like many Brighton residents we have enjoyed the Artists’ Open Houses in previous Brighton Festivals: meeting artists, admiring and, sometimes, loving their art, and – I will be honest – indulging our nosiness to see inside other people’s homes. But this year, for the first time, it was […]