Police Contacts

Sussex Police have launched a Contact Campaign to let the public know the different ways they can contact the police, depending on needs. When there isn’t a crime in progress or risk to life, the public should call 101, report online or seek an alternative option. In addition to police social media activity to raise awareness, a revised contact card bespoke to each district is available both in downloadable electronic format, and as a postcard that people can pick up in public areas and at events so they can pin it up at home for easy reference.

This contact card includes guidance on when to use 999, 101 and online reporting, as well as containing local contact details for each district. Find all local contact cards under each district on www.sussex.police.uk

Each  prevention team email across Sussex has the same format, eg brightonandhove@sussex.pnn.police.uk  and each local phone number is now a direct dial number, rather than calling 101 followed by an extension number. All details can be found at sussex.police.uk/contact-us

In addition to sharing the best way to contact the police, it’s important that the public also recognises what is and isn’t a police matter, so under the ‘online reporting’ link on the website there is guidance to direct the public to the appropriate organisation, depending on the issue.

Divisional Commander, Lisa Bell said, “Helping the public better understand the ways they contact us should assist in getting the right help from the right people in a timely way.”


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