Excess – House Biennial 2017


30 September – 5 November 


HOUSE Biennial’s theme for 2017 is Excess, which is explored by each commissioned artist using their own approach to it and the consequences of society’s appetite for desiring too much.

In A King’s Appetite Laura Ford creates a series of new sculptural works and she has taken her inspiration from the Royal Pavilion’s collection of Regency period satirical caricatures, providing commentary on the Prince Regent’s lifestyle and aspects of excess within popular culture.


Le Mort
John Doyle (printmaker, 1797 – 1868) and Thomas McLean (publisher, 1788 – 1875)
Hand-coloured etching 1829
The Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove


A selection of caricatures from the Royal Pavilion and Museums collection that have inspired this exhibition are on display on the balcony outside the main gallery, including the one above.

Natasha Caruana‘s Timely Tale is a lens-base work set against a backdrop of love, desire and health in the age of Excess. These topics are discussed in the artwork through the vehicle of the artist’s mother, Penny, and the audience sees the work in the setting of a depressing NHS waiting room (pictured) via headphones and a 360° view of Penny’s dishevelled bedroom. The narrative running throughout the installation is the story of excess, but also of consequence. It addresses NHS cuts, pharmaceutical price inflation, the pressure to find Mr Right, too many clothes, too many children, and the impact the barrage of images can have on mental health and consumer choices.

Andrew Omoding and Anthony Stevens have created a joint exhibition – Common Threads – of mixed media and textiles, threads and sewing, using unwanted materials to create new artworks.

The programme also includes a community project led by artist Becky Warnock. For Crossover Point members of the Brighton Table Tennis Club have collaborated on a digital storytelling project that takes inspiration from Brighton Museum & Art Gallery’s Willett Ceramic Collection.

With artist talks and events, a programme of films around the theme of Excess has been selected by Laura Ford and is accompanied by short films from Brighton’s Carousel filmmakers.

For more information see housebiennial.art

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