With thanks to Robert Sells for sending us his poem. He says it’s the story of his life. . .

Self Delusion

In his search for the perfect woman much energy he burned,

And many a maid who failed the grade  by him was judged and spurned,

For  several years he travelled to many a far-flung coast,

“She must be there, she dwells somewhere, I’ll find her” was his boast.

So on the day he found her he was a blessed man,

“I’ve searched for years to find you,” his trembling voice began,

Came the reply,

“Just walk on by, I seek the perfect man.”


Thanks also to Violet LeMaître (aged 9) for sending us her poem. . .

East Side Gallery

As I walk towards

The Berlin Wall

I think of how many

Friends this wall divided

The Berlin Wall.

Twenty eight years of

Pain and destruction

Berliner Mauer.

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