The Whistler – December 2017

‘Father Christmas up to date’ from Life Magazine 1896

Season’s Greetings

2017 has been a year of refurbishment and renewal at West Hill Hall. The guttering at the back of the Hall was repaired to complement the newly constructed pathway and retaining wall. Then, in May, the courtyard was resurfaced and a decking area was built at the side of the Hall so our new band of volunteer gardeners could rest their weary muscles from their hard work transforming the garden. The biggest expense was the total refurbishment of the kitchen, which was in dire need of renovation. Our favourite decorating / constructing / plumbing / electrifying wizards Simon and Pete of Skydec took three weeks to complete the upgrade.

In 2018 we want to tackle the toilets and convert one of them into a disabled loo. It won’t come cheap so we’ll be fundraising by holding our monthly Quiz, twice-annual local history talks, and more. We look forward to seeing you!

In this issue, under a marvellous poem about refugees, you’ll see a small piece about Paddington Bear taken from The Big Issue sold to your editor by Darren, that Seven Dials stalwart who’s often to be seen selling The Big Issue outside the Co-op. He has plenty of copies and it’s well worth a read to see the full article. It’s amusing and thought-provoking.

We’re excited at the prospect of welcoming local residents to the annual West Hill Social on Saturday 9 December – tickets are on sale at Bright News.


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