Community Kitchen

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, a non-profit organisation helping people learn how to cook, eat a healthy diet, grow their own food and waste less food, recently opened its brand new accessible and purpose-built Community Kitchen in Community Base on Queens Road.

The opening of the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership Community Kitchen in Queens Road Brighton
From left Luke Hayman (Cheesmur Building Contractors) Jess Crocker (Brighton & Hove Food Partnership) Vic Borrill (Director of Brighton & Hove Food Partnership) Ben Coombs (MacConvilles) Calum Munro (Peoples Postcode Lottery) and Olivia Canham (Community Base)

A teaching kitchen and venue for hire, the Partnership will host and run cookery workshops for all, from beginners to experienced cooks, so everyone can experience the benefits of cooking and eating together, regardless of finance, confidence or ability. There will be cookery classes for adults and children covering essential skills, special diets as well as master classes with local guest chefs and experts. Find out more from


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