7 Dials Singing Teacher

Stefan Holström runs a vibrant singing community with individual singing lessons, vocal groups and performance workshops.

He came to the UK from Sweden to do his opera training at the Guildhall in London and is now increasingly focused on training a wide range of singers.

“Singing is a fascinating journey and an amazing way to express yourself, whether you want to become a professional, improve your choral singing, sing with a jazz band or prepare for an exam or audition. I work with singers of all ages and genres. Part of the beauty of the Estill model I use involves isolating and training different structures of the voice, meaning it can be applied to any style. Safety comes first for me – all singing, including opera and belt, should feel comfortable in the throat.”

If you would like to contact Stefan visit his website www.stefanholmstrom.co.uk or call 07970 057 660.


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