The Whistler – December 2018

An engraving of St Nicholas carrying a Christmas tree in a basket, 1850

Good Cheer

We wish all our readers Good Cheer for the year that has passed and for the year ahead.

We’ve had a very busy time at the Hall in 2018 and we’re looking forward to hosting our last event this year. On Tuesday 11 December at 7.30pm please join us and explore endless endeavours in enigmatic entertainment as Dr Roger Luther introduces us to the wonderful world of cryptic crosswords. Roger, a University lecturer in Mathematics and a lecturer with the U3A, is also a former Mastermind contestant. Since gaining his PhD at Sussex in 2004 (Mathematical Models of Kleptoparasitism), he has been a lecturer on a variety of courses for mathematicians, physicists and engineers. He boasts a rather splendid line in natty ties.

He will be hosting a fun evening where we will learn about clueing techniques, double definition, hidden words, homophones and gather a host of helpful hints.

Refreshments will be provided by SUBS (Sussex University Baking Society) and piano music by Alex Nisbett.


New at the Hall – Yoga with Helena 

Saturdays from 12 January 2019 10:00 to 11:00am £10 drop-in

Come to West Hill Hall and taste a bit of embodiment on Saturday mornings to kick-start your weekend. Find a sense of strength, softening and connection in the moving meditation.

My classes include juicy, inspiring and nurturing flows. Bring a mat and your explorative mind.

For further information: email  call 07557 768993 or visit



Letters to The Whistler

Eliz TC (7yrs) – The Winner

The winner of the Sam Toft illustration colour-in competition in the Aug/Sept issue was 7-year old Eliza. Her winning entry can be seen above. Here is a little background written by her mother, Anna Louie . . .

Eliza is 7; she lives in Haverhill, Suffolk. She loves drawing, reading and creating things. Sam Toft is Grandma’s favourite artist, and when Eliza’s grandparents moved to Brighton they purchased several pieces to have around their home, so Eliza is familiar with Sam’s work. Continue reading Letters to The Whistler

Introducing the WHCA Trustees – Part 5

Over the last few issues of The Whistler we have introduced the current members of the West Hill Community Association management committee (the Trustees) to give you a flavour of who they are, what they do and maybe to inspire you to become one yourself.

In this issue we meet COLETTE WILSON. Continue reading Introducing the WHCA Trustees – Part 5

Who’s for a Swim?

Peter Batten writes about Bix and Louis

Last month I gave a talk to a Jazz Appreciation group in Preston Park. It was the first in a series of six entitled, ‘Jazz Contrasts’. This was a follow-up to add detail to my previous series, ‘Six Studies in the Art of Jazz’. The first major contrast was between Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke. I am sure you will have heard of Louis, but Bix who? In the late 1920s Bix Beiderbecke was a much admired jazz cornet player. He was almost a cult idol. Featured with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra, he was adored by both fans and fellow musicians, among them Bing Crosby. He was still in his twenties, but his health was already in decline. In 1931 he died. Continue reading Who’s for a Swim?