Letters to The Whistler

Eliz TC (7yrs) – The Winner

The winner of the Sam Toft illustration colour-in competition in the Aug/Sept issue was 7-year old Eliza. Her winning entry can be seen above. Here is a little background written by her mother, Anna Louie . . .

Eliza is 7; she lives in Haverhill, Suffolk. She loves drawing, reading and creating things. Sam Toft is Grandma’s favourite artist, and when Eliza’s grandparents moved to Brighton they purchased several pieces to have around their home, so Eliza is familiar with Sam’s work.

We wanted to finish the school holidays on a high so we spent it in Brighton. Eliza’s little legs skipped (she’s a happy little soul) all the way up the steep hill to one of Grandma’s favourite shops, ‘The Mustard Shop’. I follow the Facebook page and saw that there was a competition but wasn’t sure if it was still running. To our delight it was. We purchased one of the tiny frames as a gift for Grandma, collected the colour-in sheet, and went on our merry way. Before Eliza returned home, she carefully coloured in and added a few personal touches to the hand-out and Grandad handed it in on their next visit. Winning has given her a real boost, and she has already created her own comic. One day she hopes to write a story and illustrate it, or be an artist or a scientist or an inventor. She’s keeping her options open.

Regards, Anna Louie

Dear Whistler

All vehicles on roads are required by law to have road tax and be insured. I have sent two letters, made one personal visit, and finally sent an email to the correct department at Hove Town Hall regarding a London-style cab obviously abandoned for two years in Alexandra Villas. The official car tax reminder form states: ‘Tax it or lose it. We can always spot an untaxed car.’ My car tax is due for renewal this month. Even if I, an OAP with a blue badge, park my car untaxed locally, I am sure my car will very quickly be targeted. Do our local enforcement officers need to go to Specsavers?

BE of West Hill

Dear Editor

I’ve lived and worked in West Hill for many years and something has only just occurred to me. Why, in St Nicholas Road, are houses from 28 – 31 named as follows?

  • 28 St Nicholas House
  • 29 St Arnold
  • 30 Warren Lodge
  • 31 Bincham House

Do you or your readers know?

BE of West Hill

[Dear BE – I don’t know but I am sure someone does. Please write in – Ed]


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