Matriarchy vs Patriarchy

20 March 2019 6.00pm – 8.30pm

68 Middle Street, BN1 1AL

From inside our patriarchal society it’s hard to imagine matriarchal societies which value feminine power and place it at the heart of how they run their worlds. Mariam Crichton will share her direct experience of Matriarchal societies she has visited in Bhutan, Sumatra and Lijiang in China to show how they work and can work for us.

Persia West will share her outsider’s, trans insights into masculine and feminine power imbalances in our own society, and how a deeper sense of identity can give the power of choice in how we create a world.

If you are interested in shifting your perception of women, men and power, and see you have choice where you thought there was none, this is where the door opens. It’s relevant not just for women, but also men or anyone else who has had enough of living in the box.

Doors open at 6.00pm with refreshments provided for a 6.30pm start. This is an inclusive event – all welcome.

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