Out and About in West Hill

BE of West Hill muses while he is out and about . . .

  • It’s gone, it’s gone, it’s gone! Yes, the abandoned London-style cab, rotting in a residential bay in Alexandra Villas for the last two years has gone, finally! Did Santa use it for deliveries? Or did the council eventually take notice of my two hand-delivered letters and one email? Perhaps the wardens thought that, because of the bird droppings, the car was part of the tree canopy! I assume the council (and us) has lost revenue and incurred the cost of removal.

  • I am awaiting a well overdue reply from the council to another query regarding the validity of ‘Y’ area residents with forecourts being granted parking permits. Watch this space!


  • If you are a blue-badge holder and have encountered a vehicle in a restricted bay, been given the standard reply to a challenge – “But I was only here for two minutes” or “I did not see it was restricted” – try blocking the car in and see the result!


  • Glass of all types should not be put in the big communal rubbish bins, the ones with the big signs that say ‘No glass’. Glass does not squash down and if put into landfill it will never break down; it will just take up landfill space. I wish residents would recycle correctly – and take the time to walk to the Compton Avenue or Buckingham Street bottle bins which are not that far away from Buckingham Road where many bottles are erroneously deposited. The council does make some money from recycled glass and that benefits us and future generations.



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