The Green Centre

Last April, in an article about recycling, we mentioned the Green Centre stall in the Open Market in London Road on Thursdays, which recycles many items that are not accepted in the Council recycling bins. At the time of going to press the Green Centre is looking for a low rent, ground floor office/studio where they can load/unload and process the recycling (5m x 5m min); and a low rent space to park their bus in Brighton & Hove.

The list of recyclables accepted by the Council in communal bins or box collections is very limited: plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, tins & cans, and glass bottles. The nearest to West Hill/Seven Dials council-run tip and recycling centre on Old Shoreham Road (just passed Homebase) accepts many more items but this relies on people actually making a trip to it, rather than dumping unwanted items OUTSIDE the kerbside recycling bins, which is incredibly irritating for other residents.

The beauty about the Green Centre is that not only does it accept many more items for recycling, but London Road is within reasonable walking distance from West Hill, and if you have to take a car, the parking zone is Y, like the rest of West Hill and the south side of Seven Dials.

There is a comprehensive Green A-Z guide of what can and cannot be recycled on the Green Centre website ( – under the ‘Get Involved’ listing), along with really useful advice and information.

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