The Whistler – April 2019

Brighton Festival 4-26 May 2019


Coming Together

The Annual General Meeting of the West Hill Community Association, at which the accounts will be adopted and the committee elected, will be held on Tuesday 30 April 2019 at West Hill Hall at 7.00pm. The business of the AGM will be followed by our perennial favourite, the Quiz, at 8.00pm. Refreshments and bonhomie are free. All residents are welcome.

In this edition we round up our series on the current members of the management committee and invite others to join us at WHCA, as part of the committee or in other voluntary capacities. The aims of WHCA are straight forward: to keep the Hall available for community use and to publish The Whistler to maintain and improve communication in the local area.

There is a worrying rise in anti-social behaviour, drug-dealing, violence and theft in our area. Many people are sceptical about the police responding adequately but it’s important that incidents are reported to them. To report a crime or incident please phone 999, 101 or 01273 404939. Email or

In 2019 The Whistler is 43 years old. We’d love to hear from our readers about whether you want us to keep going as we are, change direction, go digital only, include new themes for articles. We rely on contributions from you, our readers, so please help steer the content in the direction that you want to read.

The Whistler developed from the work of the ‘Writers Group’ which met for some time as part of WHCA and produced some exciting work, including a booklet in 1979 called ‘The West Hill Version’, in an effort to keep people in the area in touch with each other. Nowadays – even in this digital, social media age – The Whistler is distributed to every household and business in the area and is widely read throughout Brighton & Hove. It features stories and poems from a diverse range of contributors; much of the material is unsolicited and residents send in pieces and write dedicated columns. Every effort is made to present a fair and balanced view.

Our indefatigable contributors; the support of local businesses through advertising; donations made via Bright News convenience store; our printer; and you, Dear Reader, have made it possible for the newspaper to continue.

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