The Tunnel of Love

In 2018, David Porter presented a wonderfully informative talk at our Hall all about his home, the Clayton Tunnel North Portal, where he has lived since 2003. His friend, Julie, whose father worked on the railway and was brought up in the Clayton Tunnel house, is now his fiancée. I believe a love story could be made of this, perhaps entitled ‘The Tunnel of Love’?

An added twist: the present owner of the adjacent Jack and Jill pub recalls being ‘baby-sat’ in that same house, possibly by Julie’s parents. Another twist of fate.


Think outside the box . . .

So, Donald Trump wants to build a wall between Mexico and America: a vast project.

However, there is already a world-wide wall!

It is pieces of the Berlin Wall, which souvenir hunters have taken and spread all over the world. As Billinghurst Sale Rooms are auctioning and selling off more, the amount of pieces will be spread over an even larger area,

BE of West Hill

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