The Whistler – June 2019

Image Credit: Ellen Taylor
Blooming Lovely

Full Bloom

THERE WAS AN excellent attendance at our AGM at the end of April and we were most happy to welcome two local residents onto the WHCA management committee, Chris Parker and Clare Cochrane.

WHCA Garden Spring Watch
The bluebells are in full bloom; there are blue tits nesting in the box. Wild garlic and spring greens are coming soon. Well done to Paulien for the successful veggie patch, and thank you for the pear tree. The ‘Star of the Show’ peony seems to like its new home. It’s all looking rather lovely. The decking is being enjoyed once more for small neighbourly meet-ups. Mel, who did a great job on the hard landscaping last year, went round and very kindly finished off the compost pen as her Easter gift to the Hall. Thanks Mel. Bring on the summer!

If you’re looking for any garden/ landscaping we can thoroughly recommend Mel’s work. Her website and contact details:

Letters to The Whistler

Dear Editors
The ‘Coming Together’ section in the April/May issue of The Whistler asks for readers’ opinions about whether the paper should stay as it is or go online only. So, I’m casting my vote in favour of continuing to print a paper edition. It’s always a happy day when I receive the new one, and if it were solely online, I’m sorry to say that I would probably forget to read it. (And I don’t want that!) Best wishes, and thank you for your fantastic efforts.
Caroline Sullivan Continue reading Letters to The Whistler

Introducing the New Trustees – Chris Parker

I WAS BORN into a military family and had lived at 26 addresses by the time I was 21! I met my wife, Mo, in South Africa in 1983 and, on returning to the UK, we lived in Crowborough from where we often visited Brighton. When our son attended college in Brighton in 1998, we acquired a house in the Kemptown/Queens Park area although my wife and I moved to West London. Continue reading Introducing the New Trustees – Chris Parker