Anti-Graffiti Action

AT THE SAME time as local residents were writing, recently, to The Whistler and their councillors to express concern at the increase in graffiti attacks in the West Hill area, Councillor Lizzie Deane was emailing people who, last year, volunteered to paint over graffiti
in the West Hill area. Seeking suggestions for this year’s graffiti hot spots, the badly defaced wall on the corner of West Hill Road and Dyke Road was voted the first to be tackled.

Quite independently, action man David Thomas of Mill Row, took matters into his own hands and painted the wall himself. When asked why he had done it, he told The Whistler, “I was depressed every time I drove by it. I knew that the people who live in the house have a young family and it’s hard to get things done when you have young children. The sooner graffiti is cleaned up the better, as it discourages others from adding to it.”

If you would like to join the West Hill anti-graffiti group please email

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