Grassroots Suicide Prevention

Real Talk Saves Lives

TO SHOW SUPPORT for Cancer Research people wear yellow daffodils.

For endangered Rhinos people run marathons dressed in elaborate costumes.

But for suicide, the biggest killer in men under 50, many people still talk in hushed tones and skirt awkwardly around the subject, seeing it as a shameful taboo.

At Grassroots we believe that suicide can be prevented through open and direct conversations, and that everyone can play a role. It is our connection with the community that is unique and makes a real difference in enabling real conversations to take place. Suicide can and= does impact everyone. Grassroots is inviting the community to become part of a movement to prevent suicide through Real Talk. It is through our collective efforts that we can bring about lasting change. We aim to get more people talking about suicide in an open and honest way, helping them to learn the skills and gain the confidence to recognise when a person is struggling and take action. People can recover from suicidal thoughts and behaviours, and those who have sadly been bereaved can, and do, heal.

Would you like to learn skills that can help save lives? Want a chance to meet like-minded people and collectively make a difference? We are often contacted by people asking what they can do to help. Attending a 90-minute Real Talk workshop is a powerful first step towards helping prevent suicide and becoming a suicide prevention Changemaker. We hold regular Real Talk workshops that are free to all, funded by community fundraisers, local businesses, and grants, and run in local venues like pubs and cafés.

A Changemaker is someone who feels strongly about suicide and wants to spread the word that it’s okay to talk about suicide. The Changemaker movement we are developing is an opportunity to connect like-minded people in the community, to get people talking, and support each other to challenge the stigma of suicide so that people can get the support they need.

Some Changemakers like to fundraise; some arrange workshops for us to facilitate; others like to stick up posters, hand out leaflets, or attend training so they can be the best partner, friend and workmate they can be, armed with the facts and skills to prevent suicide. The fact is that any positive action around suicide that gets people talking really can help to save lives.

If you wish to find out more about the Real Talk workshops, want to become a Changemaker, or need more information about Grassroots please email

If you or someone you know is in suicidal crisis, you can call the Samaritans free 116 123 (open 24 hours every day) or, if in immediate danger, call the Emergency Services 999. You can also download our free Stay Alive Phone App to help you or someone you are concerned about to stay safe from suicide.

[For online version download here:]

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