Hi Cacti

You may have spotted my colourful new botanical gift shop, ‘Hi Cacti’, on Dyke Road at the Seven Dials. Its Americana and southwestern theme reflects my roots in Austin, Texas.

Hi Cacti doesn’t just sell cactus but also offers a variety of interesting, unique and beautiful indoor plants that are all easy to maintain. I really enjoy speaking to customers about where they want the plants to go in their home or business, and make suggestions for plants that will suit their lighting, space, and lifestyle. I don’t claim that anything is IMPOSSIBLE to kill, of course! Customers also can pair their plants in the hand-made Hi Cacti colourful concrete pots that I make on site in my studio space. Hi Cacti is vibrantly decorated with other home decor and gifts such as cushions, cards, art prints, plant pots, bags, blankets, and more.

Do come and say Hi to me and my sleepy dachshund, Otto.

Sabina Palermo

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