Plant Your Postcode

and help keep our city’s trees!

LOOK AROUND. We’re lucky, there are trees everywhere – but now your help is needed to keep our city leafy. You may have noticed that many of our city’s beautiful trees are getting old or are succumbing to disease. Add to this the challenge that our council faces in the battle to add or even replace trees in this time of austerity, and it becomes clear that residents’ help is needed.

Brighton & Hove’s trees are particularly special because we hold the National Elm Collection. In the past, natural barriers and the concerted efforts of local people protected them from elm disease. Now the city is home to some of the rarest varieties of elms in the world. It’s important that the number of elms we have is at least the number of elms we have is at least maintained. A vast number of trees, including elms, were planted in Victorian times when the city rapidly expanded. Now many of those trees are reaching the end of their lives, so action is needed now to plant the young trees, which will, in time, replace them.

  • Create a group in your area

It could be that a few trees in your street have been lost over time and you’d like to see them re-planted. Or you’d like trees where there were none before. Perhaps your local green space could do with more trees. You can help to make that happen. A local group of, say, one or more streets can decide to have new trees. Brighton & Hove City Council will arrange for the site to be checked. If it’s suitable, the group can club together to raise funds for them. The council can then order the trees and plant them. Trees are ordered in September for planting the following year.

  • Become a Tree Champion

You can help identify trees in your area needing help and attention or you could take on a research project.

  • Get your local school involved

It’s important that the coming generation are aware of our city’s tree legacy.

  • Help fund trees across the city

Make a difference with a single donation or a regular donation by standing order.

For advice, ways to pay, and more info go to

Plant Your Postcode is a volunteer-led project initiated by CPRE Sussex in association with Hove Civic Society and supported by the National Lottery.

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