Letters to The Whistler

Hi all,

My name is Lucia. Me and my housemate Flo have just moved to Seven Dials and love it. We discovered your newspaper in the mail and we think it’s fab. We have picked at least one thing from every page to go and visit/do and can’t wait to explore! We wouldn’t have come across this if it wasn’t in the post, as I wouldn’t have thought where to pick up a local newspaper, but it’s great! We hope you stay as a paper newspaper: it suits what’s inside and is a great read. Online would make me skip lots to what subject I like because subjects can be misleading.

Please stay on paper.  Thanks.

Lucia & Flo


Hello Editors

I love receiving a paper copy of the magazine and I am sure we all diligently recycle it after use.

Love the new look design too – much fresher.

Very best wishes,

Rachel Knowles, Compton Avenue

Dear Editor

I understand there is a large ‘marker stone’ in Air Street, which is situated on a ley line. Does anyone, who understands these things, know where other local ley lines are (usually churches)? Apart from dowsing, how are they found?

BE of West Hill

[Can any of our readers throw light on this question?  – Ed]

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