Wine Competition – Answers added

IN CELEBRATION OF 21 years of The Whistler’s ‘Love of Wine’ column, we have two beautifully illustrated books by Jane Hughes, ‘The Wine Lover’s Guide’ and ‘The Wine Lover’s Record Book’ to give away to the winner of this competition.  These books inspired us to start the column all those years ago. Richard Piggott, Philip Reddaway and most recently, Andrew Polmear, all took up the chalice (so to speak) of writing interesting, varied and knowledgeable articles about wine (and occasionally other drinks).  Emails with the correct answers will be entered into a draw to determine the winner. Send your answers to by 31 August 2019.

Q1. Paul gave very sound advice on wine when he wrote to Timothy. What was that advice?

A1. ‘Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities’. 1 Timothy, Chapter 5, Verse 23.

Q2. Dionysius, son of Zeus and Semele, the latter the daughter of Cadmus of Thebes, is better known as whom?

A2. Bacchus, the Greek and Roman God of Wine

Q3. Can you complete the following couplet:
‘If all be true that I do think
There are five reasons we should drink . . .’

A3. ‘Good wine, a friend or being dry

Or lest we should be bye and bye

Or any other reason why.’

Henry Aldrich (1647-1710) from the Latin Causae Bibendi by John Sirmond (1589-1649)

Q4. Which two drinks are known as a) The Widow and b) Sticky Green

A4.  a) Veuve Cliquot b) Crème de Menthe

Q5. A bottle of wine sold in the EU normally contains either 70 or 75 centilitres (cl for short). But what does the ‘e’ printed beside the number signify?

A5. It means that the quantity stated has been checked and certified.

Q6. The following words crop out now and again in connection with wine. Can you give each a meaning? a. Ullage      b.Cadet     c. Venencia

A6a Ullage: the space between the wine and the top of its container – barrel or bottle

A6b. Cadet: a lesser quality wine

A6c. Venencia: is used primarily in the bodegas of Jerez de la Frontera to obtain a cupful of clear fino from under its covering of flor. Traditionally it is a length of                whalebone with a narrow silver cup at the business end.

Q7. This wine seems to age better standing on its head. Which wine is it?

A7. Champagne – following the ‘methode champenoise’.

Q8. What is the significance of the word classico when applied to any Italian win

A8. It means that the wine is made from grapes grown in the original classico region of Valpolicella, Chianti or wherever. The classico area is the original area which,          over the years, has been extended.

Q9. Andrew Polmear is a retired doctor who writes our ‘Love of Wine’ column. When he’s not in Brighton, in which region of France does he spend most of his time?

A9. The Languedoc

Q10. In 2017 in his column, Andrew Polmear recommended two types of wine that go best with chicken. What were they?

A10. “A Chardonnay would be fine, or a light red like a Pinot Noir.”

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