Day: October 1, 2019

Letters to The Whistler

Dear Editor Further to my question in the last issue about a ley-line marker stone in Air Street (which, by the way, I cannot find any more) I wanted to say that many years ago, I was made aware of various ley-lines throughout the country linking religious locations.

The Bath House

If you are experiencing pain or struggling with mobility, our beautiful hydrotherapy pool in the North Laine may be just the place for you. Discover the healing properties of gentle exercise supported by warm water. Highly beneficial to relieve arthritic pain or to gain movement whilst recuperating from […]

Desire Paths

  Endless marches and petitions, people’s vote and so much more Are the way we British protest ’bout the things that we deplore. Brexit, war on terror, Palestine, Theresa May, Cameron, Blair and Thatcher, and more and more each day.