Be a Clown

THE SEASON OF grey skies, central heating, layers, boots, scarves, the school run, work is now upon us. Fancy something different to brighten November and transport you – without needing a passport? Clowning – an escape from the everyday. An antidote to winter blues. The red nose is the smallest mask in the world providing infinite opportunities to play. Play has numerous benefits for adults including increased creativity, productivity, and feelings of well-being.

Clown Workshop at West Hill Hall

Forget big shoes, painted faces and squirty flowers; this type of clowning is about being in the moment, exercising your imagination and connecting with others. Take a break from your seriousness. Spend time doing something different. Give your inner child a day out. Show up and be seen and accepted exactly as you are.

During a typical course you can expect exercises to bring you into the moment, gentle guidance and encouragement in a safe space, to dress up, put on the nose and improvise. Great for self-esteem. I’m a teacher deep in my bones and I want to share this powerful tool which allows us to connect with our innate sense of play; our true selves. It opens a myriad of ways of seeing and being, allowing you to experience yourself, life and others differently. Join us on 2 November noon-6pm at West Hill Hall for a playful romp in the land of the imagination of a clown.

Contact: for further information. Cost £45.

“One of the most joyous and mindful experiences ever! We laughed, played, trusted and connected. Absolutely loved it.” Sharon

“I haven’t laughed so much for ages! Stress-buster.” Culann

“Incredibly uplifting and empowering.” Bertie

Sarah Davis

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