Desire Paths


Endless marches and petitions, people’s vote and so much more

Are the way we British protest ’bout the things that we deplore.

Brexit, war on terror, Palestine, Theresa May,

Cameron, Blair and Thatcher, and more and more each day.

It’s true we have Momentum and can sign most anything,

For all we want is to be heard, so that justice they might bring.

But it matters not what we might do, no not a single jot,

For they always have the final say, those MPs -yes that lot.

And then there are the planners who spoil our precious land.

Who block us in and build too high, for they’re a thoughtless band.


Thus all that now is left for us is to go off piste, and tread

Out paths of least resistance. Just ignore what has been said.

By voting with our feet we can show we’ll not be told

Which way they’ve chosen we must go. We’ll tramp and stamp, be bold.

A lasting mark they can’t ignore, we’ll wear into the ground

And when they seek us out – fear not, we never will be found.

‘Desire paths’ is all they’ll find. We will have got our way

So now we’ll be on Google maps, and be studied every day!


Kate Dyson

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