Letters to The Whistler

Dear Editor
Further to my question in the last issue about a ley-line marker stone in Air Street (which, by the way, I cannot find any more) I wanted to say that many years ago, I was made aware of various ley-lines throughout the country linking religious locations. I forget how, when or why, but I have used dowsing rods myself over water courses. Apparently, ley-lines can be dowsed for.
BE, Buckingham Road

Dear Editors
I am writing this letter to you on 9/9/2019, 101 years after my uncle Percy was killed aged 20 only a few weeks before the end of WW1. I was delighted to see the Aug/Sept issue in my local library at Patcham. Welcome to Lucia and Flo and Rachel, who like a paper copy of The Whistler, as do I. The striking image of ‘Smoke Bath’ by Tom Kennedy caught my eye because my Gran, Emily Hay, who lived at 9 West Hill Road for many years, was a Rook by birth as she was the daughter of John and Emma Rook.

I was glad to read Peter Batten’s piece, ‘There’s a Nice Part for You’ about his Shakespeare study group. Though I never wanted to be on the stage myself, I was fascinated by the costumes, scenery and plays in a historical or colourful setting. At Grammar School I was part of the Sixth Form Art Group who painted the scenery for ‘The Crucible’. Years later I found a set of programmes of the school plays and I eagerly searched the list of credit for the names of the scenery painters – but no mention.
Sandie Cooper Mayers

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