Nature20202020 MARKS THE end of the UN Decade on Biodiversity, and is an opportunity to reflect on the state of wildlife and conservation both globally and locally.

A coalition of local environmental and cultural organisations is preparing to launch Nature2020, a year-long programme of events and activities to celebrate and highlight the natural environment of The Living Coast: Brighton and Lewes Downs UNESCO designated world Biosphere.

Supported by Brighton & Hove City Council, Nature2020 aims to engage more people in the care and conservation of local nature, supporting people from all walks of life to learn about the richness and significance and enjoy and care for The Living Coast. Local organisations and groups are invited to host events as part of Nature2020. To find out more you can check

Registration for the winter events programme (January-March 2020) closed in November but spring events will be open for registration in the new year. Local organisations can register activities that aim to inspire and engage a diversity of people in the celebration of the Brighton and Lewes local biosphere reserve, The Living Coast.

Nature2020 events should incorporate the following 4 areas: connecting people with their biosphere; Accessibility; Diversity & Inclusion; Environmental Impact.

Nature2020 aims to raise awareness of the incredible place we live and hope that these events will enable people to feel more connected to The Living Coast, whilst providing people with the information needed to help to preserve the nature and wildlife that make up this area.

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