The Whistler – December 2019

Mantel clock early nineteenth century
Time to Welcome The New Decade
Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The entire East Wing at Buckingham Palace, home to some of the most splendid objects commissioned by George IV and once displayed at the Royal Pavilion, has been decanted of original furniture and decorative objects to make way for essential construction work, giving the opportunity for 123 of these items to be lent by the Queen to the residence for which most were originally acquired. For the next two years, the Royal Pavilion will look more magnificent than it has ever done since the reign of George IV. The image on above shows a clock designed by Robert Jones and made by BL Vulliamy, with gilding by Fricker & Henderson, c 1819. Worth a visit before the end of the loan period in September 2021.

In between writing copy for this edition of The Whistler, the editors have been sourcing and buying sustainable, biodegradable partyware for the West Hill Social on 14 December. Even the balloons will be compostable!  Tickets are selling fast but if you have not ordered yours yet, there are still a few left at Bright News. Do come and join us for a great evening of catching up with old friends and making new ones from the neighbourhood.

The local history talk on ‘Notorious Women of Brighton’ given by Louise Peskett at the Hall in October was a great success. If you know of a speaker, or you are one yourself with an interesting take on Brighton, please get in touch with Clare Cochrane at as she is planning next year’s talks in May and October.

In September a well-attended sung mass of requiem was held in the church of St Michael’s and All Angels for Father Raymonde Robinson SSC who, in his retirement, was a popular resident of West Hill Street. Fr Raymonde, an Anglican priest in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, was an unmistakable figure often seen wearing a black cassock and biretta whilst making his way to assist in services at St Michael’s.

There’s a great sense of community in West Hill and it is important to preserve it as we say goodbye to the 2010s decade, and look forward (perhaps with some trepidation) to the next decade and all that it holds.

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