BE of West Hill

A Christmas tree is not just for Christmas

After the festivities, lots of real Christmas trees are dumped onto pavements and removed by the Council at residents’ cost, when it already provides a tree recycling station at Montpelier Crescent – a short walk for anyone living in West Hill/Seven Dials. Recycled trees are shredded, turned into mulch, and then sold on to grow new trees and plants

New Year, New Habits

When I walk my dog round West Hill I pick up discarded glass jars and bottles and take them to the appropriate recycling bins, never a very far walk from where they have been dumped. I recently learned that recycled glass is smashed and the reusable residue is melted and used over and over again. The remainder is ground down, returned to sand and re-used for building and road projects. Do think about this next time you need to get rid of glass – find out where your nearest glass recycling bins are and go there!

BE of West Hill

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