Letters to The Whistler

To all the fabulous West Hill Community Christmas team

Thank you so much for giving us such a fabulously memorable evening. As ever, the food was first rate; the organisation impeccable; the live music perfectly fitting for the occasion; and the sense of community spirit, second to none.  Robin and I feel so fortunate to live in a part of the city that has such a sense of community spirit.  When we describe to friends and family what you all create, they can barely believe it!

Happy New Year to you all. With love, Rebecca & Robin Webb

Dear Whistler

A big THANK YOU to West Hill Community Association for organising yet another splendid Christmas bash! It seems ages since the last Christmas Party (2017), after which the amount of single-use plastic destined for landfill was so worrying that I felt compelled to write to WHCA begging you to consider alternatives. (Luckily, you didn’t opt for us all taking turns to do the washing-up!)

Although many of us are now trying to reduce our consumption of plastic, it is still causing worldwide environmental damage. We can’t all be a Greta Thunberg or a David Attenborough and nobody is perfect but, hopefully, when we are enjoying the next West Hill Christmas party we’ll be able to look back on 2020 and feel we’ve managed to change our habits and made a positive contribution, however small, to the reduction of single-use plastics. Handy hints on how to reduce your personal footprint:

  • When you leave the house think: keys, wallet, phone, water bottle, reusable cup, bag for life
  • Have your milk delivered if possible. Check on: brightonmilk.com
  • Try to avoid excessive food packaging. If you can’t, you are within your rights to return it to the supermarket
  • Say no to disposable plastic crockery and cutlery and those pesky straws
  • Try refill stations for cleaning products, eg Grocer and Grain, Jasmine, Hisbe
  • Buy in bulk. Check out: wastenot.shop/pages/our-store
  • Join Plastic Free Brighton & Hove on Facebook and get heaps of ideas before you buy anything, anywhere.

Habits can become really entrenched but the West Hill Community Association is a beacon of light. You published my letter. You took up the challenge. All the cutlery, crockery, drinking vessels and balloons at the 2019 Christmas party were compostable. That makes me smile!

Regards, Em Clay

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