The Whistler – April 2020

The current editors of The Whistler have been doing the job for over 23 years and we think it’s time we handed it over to someone else. Jed Novick has lived in West Hill for 6 years and when he heard at the WHCA Christmas Social that we were looking for a new editor he stepped forward. He says he wants to get involved because this area and community is fantastically important to him, now more than ever. So, look out for his first issue as Editor from June and, meanwhile, Sylvia and Colette wish him well and know that The Whistler, 44 years old this year, is going to be in very good hands for the next 44!

In the light of the current situation with the coronavirus COVID-19, WHCA has cancelled its forthcoming events, including the AGM on 28 April and, most likely, the Quiz at the end of May. The local history talk, ‘Beardsley’s Brighton’ was planned for May 12, but is now postponed until October. All of the regular activities in West Hill Hall have also been suspended for the time being.


With very many thanks to our March Quiz Setter, Sue Williams, we held a very successful Quiz on Zoom on 31 March at 8pm with many of our regular participants that we usually see at West Hill Hall on the last Tuesday of the month. Next Quiz via Zoom will be on 28 April.

Coronavirus Actions

  1. Think of others, consider your actions and be kind. All of us face the challenges of COVID-19 in some way, from needing basic provisions to help if we are unwell.
  2. Reach out to your neighbours. As self-isolation increases, stay connected and check in on one another for our physical and mental well-being. Share phone numbers and stay in touch. Continue reading Coronavirus Actions

Bright News Community Deliveries

IN THE COMING weeks, with isolation for the over-70s likely, we are seeing more and more local communities coming together and people offering their services to help others in need.

Vinod, Chair of WHCA and owner of the Bright News Convenience Store in Buckingham Road, has come on board to offer a local delivery service (within walking distance of the shop) for the vulnerable, less able and isolated among us.

Orders can be made by phone with a debit/credit card; they will be picked and delivered at an agreed time, with no direct personal contact necessary. If you fall into this delivery category, do call Vinod and Meena on 01273 708100. Continue reading Bright News Community Deliveries

Ignore Fake Health Advice

THERE’S CURRENTLY NO known cure for Coronavirus but that hasn’t stopped a slew of useless health advice appearing on social media.

Home-made hand sanitiser

There have been many reports of shortages of hand sanitiser gel, as washing your hands is one key way to prevent spread of the virus. As reports of the shortages emerged in Italy, so did recipes for home-made gel on social media.

But these recipes were for a disinfectant better suited for cleaning surfaces and, as scientists pointed out, not suitable for use on skin. Alcohol-based hand gels usually also contain emollients, which make them gentler on skin, on top of their 60-70% alcohol content. Continue reading Ignore Fake Health Advice

There was a Boy

I cannot say what portion is in truth
The naked recollection of that time,
And what may rather have been called to life
By after-meditation.

MY TITLE AND this quotation are from William Wordsworth’s great poem, ‘The Prelude’. His life was somewhere in my thoughts when I began to plan this article. My first inspiration came from a friend of mine. In order to deal with the problems of isolation and grief he has been writing his autobiography. I know that he would recommend this process to anyone in his situation, but he is particularly fortunate because he has had a life filled with satisfying achievements and has met many fascinating people. Continue reading There was a Boy