Bright News Community Deliveries

IN THE COMING weeks, with isolation for the over-70s likely, we are seeing more and more local communities coming together and people offering their services to help others in need.

Vinod, Chair of WHCA and owner of the Bright News Convenience Store in Buckingham Road, has come on board to offer a local delivery service (within walking distance of the shop) for the vulnerable, less able and isolated among us.

Orders can be made by phone with a debit/credit card; they will be picked and delivered at an agreed time, with no direct personal contact necessary. If you fall into this delivery category, do call Vinod and Meena on 01273 708100.

If this service proves useful and necessary, we will be looking for volunteers to help us deliver these items to our neighbours. If you’d like to volunteer, please drop your name and contact details into the shop.

Let’s see West Hill shine in the face of adversity!

Vinod and Meena in 2014 celebrating
30 years of Bright News


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