Why Come Clowning?

TO CONNECT TO others and yourself; to open yourself to share vulnerability and explore the human condition; to see the possibilities of what lies on the other side of fear through being. Drop your seriousness, give your Inner Critic time off, open yourself to wonder and reconnect with your inner child. Improvisation and play. There are many types of clowning from circus to children’s parties; what I teach is more akin to theatrical clowning with a heavy dose of self-exploration. It is about our well-being and connection to one another, the audience and the NOW. Workshops include:

  • Breath work to ground you and calm your nerves; time to notice how you are.
  • Games to introduce an atmosphere of play and curiosity in a spirit of non-judgement and openness to exploring whatever arises as it does.
  • Expert guidance in a nurturing atmosphere.

It can sound quite daunting. It’s actually liberating, full of humour, generosity, love and joy.

When it is possible to do so, I am planning to offer 3-hour taster workshops at West Hill Hall one Sunday a month for £30. If you are intrigued to have a wee look see, contact me info@grinandtonic.org. I am on a mission to spread the joy of clowning and play. Come join the Clown Clan.

Sarah Davies

“Sarah’s clowning workshops are such a fascinating space to explore the complex interactions of cause, effect, emotion, motion, the body, and being in the moment. I feel like if an alien had one day to experience the phenomenon of life on Earth, doing something like this would be perfect!” Tom, teacher, performer, activist

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