Gut instinct

How do we build a robust immunity?

Immunology has over the years been a fast developing field. It is clear to all of us today more than ever that building strong immunity will be something to strive for as it is the key to keeping dis-ease at bay.

The immune system is a complex integration of synergistic segments that are continuously bombarded by stimuli – from both internal and external sources. If we want to truly support our immune system we need to have a long look at our lifestyle, diet, exercise regime, stress management and sleep patterns. More stressed we are more the body uses vitamin C. If we don’t sleep enough less time the body has to repair and we are also likely to go for more alcohol or caffeine which are not helping. Movement of any kind is important to keep the lymphatic system healthy which produces B and T cells which are the special forces of the immune system. Many of us are now shifting our priorities around self-care. We want to feel calmer and are more intrigued about our immunity and about our body and health in general. These are good signs.  

Eating more plants and fermented food like fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds are rich antioxidants and will help with decreasing inflammation in our bodies by fighting free radicals. Berries are rich in phytonutrients anthocyanidins which support the fight against bacterial, viral and fungal infections. They contain plenty of fibre which will support your gut function populating it with good bacteria which in turn can improve your immunity. Our gut contains 2/3 of the body’s immune system and it is the largest barrier against the outside world together with our skin. 

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Helena Taylor

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