Lockdown Ideas: Global Sharing Week

Globally, we have enough surplus food, shelter and water to end poverty, hunger and homelessness. Global Sharing Week is the largest annual mass engagement campaign to promote and enable the sharing of vital resources with those who need them most, whilst protecting the planet at the same time. Created by the Brighton-based charity I created, The People Who Share, Global Sharing Week reaches over 100 million people worldwide. This year, with the world suffering the challenges of the Covid-19 crisis, Global Sharing Week will see a phenomenal online campaign to ensure that those in need receive the resources they need to survive the crisis. Projects and vital resources from food banks, to groups making PPE for frontline healthcare workers will be listed on a global map at globalsharingweek.org

Participation is open to all, everyone can play their part by adding projects and available resources to the Global Sharing Week map and sharing what’s there. Global Sharing Week helps us to demonstrate that where we have poverty, we can have prosperity, where we have loneliness, we can have community and where we have landfill we can have reuse.

The People Who Share is currently running Covid-19 Food Relief, a campaign to ensure that nobody in the UK goes hungry during the Coronavirus crisis. Currently, 1.5 million adults and 830,000 children in the UK are not getting enough food, whilst 53% of NHS workers are concerned about accessing supplies during the Coronavirus pandemic. (The Food Foundation, YouGov Poll, March 2020).

Covid-19 Food Relief is a mass call to action and a one-stop source of information to help people find food urgently, donate or volunteer. By making vital supplies easy to access, and galvanising the UK’s population to act now, we can help save lives. At The People Who Share, we believe that a united effort can mean that nobody goes hungry during this crisis.

Covid-19 Food Relief has been created to promote and support organisations including FareShare, The Trussell Trust, FoodCycle, Independent Food Aid Network, Meals for the NHS, The Careworkers’ Charity and many other community groups working on the frontline to ensure that everyone in the UK has sufficient food.

If you are hungry to help, you can volunteer or donate to a range of organisations working to provide #FoodRelief to those who need it most during the Covid-19 crisis at www.thepeoplewhoshare.com To get involved or find out more information email: foodreliefC19@thepeoplewhoshare.com Let nobody go hungry during the Covid-19 crisis.


Benita Matofska

Global Sharing Week 2019, saw 540 events take place in 211 cities across 49 counties on every continent, creating massive social impact. To get involved, find or register a project or shared resource head to globalsharingweek.org



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