Day: December 7, 2020

Books, music… baby clothes?

Everyone loves libraries. Why not extend the idea? Lucas Castellano finds out Every parent knows the story. No sooner have you stocked up on your baby or toddler’s new wardrobe than little Johnny has already outgrown the lot.  You’re looking at your bank account and scratching your head […]

Bringing The Light In Lockdown

By Benita Matofska Chanukkah 2020: like other religious holidays, the Jewish Festival of Lights just won’t be the same this year. Thanks to the constraints of Covid, the annual eight-day festivity starting on December 10th will have to celebrate freedom from oppression in a more restrained way. The […]

Jim Gowans’ West Hill Watch

So-called “bike-hangars” (corrugated metal sheds for the on-street storage of bikes) might soon be introduced to streets in the conservation area and throughout Brighton and Hove. If councillors on the Environment Transport and Sustainability have their way, these sheds will soon be adding to the unsightly clutter which […]