Day: April 12, 2021

Exotic creatures

Dominic Smith talks to Caraline Brown about her novel and “the best feeling in the world” I took myself to Ibiza for a month with a copy of “How To Write A Novel In 30 Days”. I thought I could just go there, set up my desk, look […]

Creature Creature

And the music scene in Brighton? It’s a blessing and a curse.Daniel Scully tells Mick Robinson why Fast guitar hooks, complex keys, intelligent songwriting… What more do you want?  Creature Creature have just released their debut album, ‘Two Finger Tantrum’ – described by Rock Lifestyle as ‘the best […]

Tales From Our City

“It might sound glib, but I wrote itbecause I think Brighton is so special.”Daren Kay tells Katrin Johannessen why ‘The Brightonians’ is the debut novel of former advertising copywriter, Daren Kay. It tells the story of a social group in Brighton uncovering a mystery of the past, sparked […]