Highlights from The Fringe: Judy & Liza

Going to shows at The Fringe can sometimes feel like a bit of a lucky dip – put your hand in, who knows what you’re going to pull out – but a show about Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli? Come on, that’s easy.

Emma Dears, who wrote and created the show, stars as Liza in this sweet, empathetic telling of the tragic mother-daughter tale, with Helen Sheals as Judy and it’s just lovely. OK, it’s a fantastic story and the songs are… well, you know the songs. Judy sings Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Liza counters with Cabaret. Judy sings from A Star Is Born, Liza counters with Maybe This Time. It is, needless to say, completely lovely.

Emma and Helen – who both come armed with serious pedigrees (Les Mis, Miss Saigon, Brookside, Downton Abbey) – are both warm and funny and both, clearly, enjoy every minute of it. It’s on tonight and tomorrow night at The Warren and… go. 


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